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Very Unprofessional!

I am so upset with this reptile guy who I will leave unnamed, lest he reads this and end up not selling me my LIZARD! I have been trying to get info on this baby sudan lizard that he has for sale. Everytime I email or call to ask a question I am treated very rudely.

I just called right now to ask if I could buy one and have it shipped to me at a later date. I asked if he thought that he would have them still available to order next week, to which his reply was "there's no way of telling".

So I offered to purchase one right then and there over the phone. Then he told me that someone already bought the two that he had last night, but that their payment had not gone through yet, so he was going to let me know. So to email him and he will get back to me.

What kind of business is that to run?? I am so so pissed off. I wanted that baby so bad, and I don't think that I'm being treated like a "valued customer" or any kind of customer at that!


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