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TP ~
Sounds like she's doing good. Keep up the good work. Be consistent!

One nice thing you will notice about huskies: They don't have that "dog smell". You can imagine my surprise when I adopted a hound after owning Geddon for a year. Smelly!!! I would say you could just bathe her when she looks or smells dirty. I don't think there is a set time frame.
I don't have a specific shampoo to suggest, but you may want to read the bottle if you get a "flea" shampoo. I think that the puppy should be a certain age b/f you use those. Another thing that could be causing her itching is if you have a collar on her. If she isn't used to it, it may be irritating her.
Have you taken her to the vet yet? I'm sure your vet will check her for fleas and be able to suggest something for her. I get this liquid from the vet that you put b/t the shoulder blades once a month. I can't remember the name of it right now. Once again, there may be an age limit though.
As far as dog breath: First, I have to admit that I love puppy breath (notice I said "Puppy" breath, not "dog" breath! LOL). Pet stores carry dog mints. They are kinda cute: shaped like little dog bones and everything. I give them to my dog as treats.
Hope this helps!
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