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Sure can - discount is not always applied consistently, but for the most part we have not been able to use it for any aquariums and haven't bought any other cages there - mostly make our own. It is good for tank lids, heat bulbs, books, magazines, bedding, light fixtures but not for any live animals. I haven't tried buying frozen feeders with the discount, their prices are still too high compared with buying through club members. That is one of the best parts of the club - contact with members who sell just about everything (many breeders of various reptiles) so that you can get better quality stock at much lower prices than the pet stores.
Forgot to mention that the club also has a great library of reptile magazines, books and tapes that members can borrow.
I am at most meetings, so will look for you at the August one - hope our new Jungle carpet will have shed and he will be there for "show and tell".

Mary v.
Mary VanderKop
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