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uh...dislexic is where u read the opposite way from right to left.
not true,

comeing from a dislexic kid, Dislexia is A learning disorder marked by impairment of the ability to recognize and comprehend written words. thats the lay mans defenition at least. but it is much more complex, it also has to do with the way you preseve things (no u dont read the opposite way) but i catch myself seeing a word like
From as forum in a quick glance, dislexia i find is a nusence more then it is a disorder or a impairment. people say **** like albert enstien had it and that y hh made alot of F's and didnt do good in school. but that about 1 in about 1,000,000. just though i would clarify that, (and yes that y i Fuc* up on spelling.)
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