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yeah ime moving on now, but 99.8% of the girls near me h8 goth's (realy dont know y)
ok yes i totaly know what your talking about!! to start off dont call yourself a "goth" hey i have a closet of black clothes and i whear spikes and have chanes all over me, but im not a goth. the term "Goth" is a word given to people with that style. to me goth is not a style but a lable. now i use the therm gothic to describe a certen style. on another point, people have a tendency to hate things that are diffrent from them, thats why some people hate snakes, there diffrent. plain and simple, it is hard to get people to admit it but its true, we have a natural tendency to take the one that is diffrent and group them out. what i would do is find some "Goth" chicks in your area, but dont count on it, its harder than it looks. and even though i am a hipicrit for saying this but dont let girls get u down, just look in the mirrir and say FU*K THEM!. and try to move on, take a break, hang with your freinds, but dont let things go to far, i was an occational smoker and i went from smoking like less than a pack a month to a a pack a weekend. just try not to get to into drugs, because that wont help u out for long, just remember, dont stray from your dreams. and nexed time you see a atractive girl walk up and talk to them, you can eather make a new freind, make a new GF, or make a complete fool out of yourself. but remember you only live once! good luck, and i hope you will find someone!
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