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You think potty training is tough? Ha! Wait till your dog hits 5-8 months of age when he starts his "teens" :P You'll be pulling your hair out I swear!!! At that age, dogs especially larger breeds or artic ones love to test the boundaries and your patience. At this stage is when the hierarchy of the pack is truly formed and he will try to be the alpha dog at all costs. Get ready for extreme patience requirements!!!

Dogs that have a high energy output absolutely need to have it excercised out. If not, this energy almost always turns into destructive behavior. As your puppy gets older and has more exercise requirements, prepare yourself to allow your dog 2 full hours of hard play and running. If not, get ready to face the consquences! Another great way to avoid any undesirable behavior is to obediance train your dog and get him to "work" for you. An energetic dog who has his mind kept busy and working for you prevents bad behavior and reinforced your dominance in the pack. Smart dogs especially need lots of training and you should factor in at least 30 min. of training a day split into 2 sessions of 15 min.

Your pup can be the best pet you've ever had or the worst terror! It really depends on how much time you invest in your dog. The more you do, the more you will reap

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