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Oh, two more you want to hear anything more from me!

Huskies also get bored really really easily.
Geddon scratched and ate THRU a WALL when he was home alone....several times! Everytime I would fix it, he would rip it up again! I'm not quite sure of any suggestions to keep him occupied. Nothing seemed to work with Geddon. He hated Nylabones (sp?). Ate pig ears and raw hide bones within minutes. And would rip the stuffing out of anything stuffed.

And Huskies RUN!!! And Run and Run!!!
My backyard isn't fenced, so this might not be as big of a problem for you. On the few occasions where Geddon got loose (broke a leash, etc) it took us hours to catch him. The second he realized he was free..........he was gone!!! Just don't trust him to stay in the yard or anything. Chances are, he won't.

Again, good luck. Let me know if you have any questions.

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