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Keep reading other sites as well, not any one is perfect! And everyone has their way of training.

The crate is not meant to be a torture device It's a really good place for your pup to be when you're pissed! lol In many cases my dog was safer in his cage than not!!! hahaha Before someone thinks I abuse my dogs, I've never hit any of my animals but I will voice my displeasure very loudly and clearly! They don't want to stay very close to me when I'm pissed.

Once my dog got used to his crate (about a week at most) training became much easier. He went to his cage most of the time by himself and has always used it at other times to just lie down or chew a bone. So even if it used as a correction tool, your dog will appreciate that it's his corner and place and most likely will seek it out himself in time.

The big key is once you have put your dog in the crate you have to completely ignore him. Start by short sessions and work your way up to longer ones.

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