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Well me and my wife where driveing down a old road and i see this Rottie on the side of the road. It was all scared and lost so i put her in the car and when door to door asking if any body has lost their dog and no one on that road knew whos dog it was but that it has been around for about a week. So we took it home and put up lost dog sings and contacted the news paper that we have this dog. Well last night someone had called and said that it was there dog they came out and the girl was so mad because it turns out that she had just had pups and they were going to get rid of her and her boyfriend said that he had someone that wanted her. But either her dumped her or they did but she said she would love to have her back but she looks so happy with me and my wife. So she said if i would like to keep he that it would be fine so now we own her and just love her they used to call it rottie but it never would come to that so i am looking for name's to call her i will post pic's soon. so come up with some nice name and let me know


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