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i have 2 huskies...a red pied and a silver one, i love them a great deal, they have many wonderful their independent nature and love of people. bear in mind that huskies may seem "stubborn" at times, but this is due to the way they were bred, when in the off season these animals were turned loose to fend for themselves, including finding their own food, they had to think for themselves, they became a nomadic animal...which means they can be an animal that chooses not to listen if they want to, and they like to run and run, its not impossible but it is hard to teach a husky off lead for a husky is usually not a good idea.....i don't trust mine 100% at all, sometimes he listens and sometimes he does what he because of there love of people and being bred to work with people huskies make lousy guard dogs.....but on the other hand most people do not know this and can be intimidated by their size. both my huskies are crate trained, its called their 'bed', they feel safe in there, they can eat in peace and not be bothered by any animal or person in there, and nobody can get them in trouble there.....i found they were quite messy as puppies.....they didn't improve until they got a bit older....but thats a puppy for you, they also have to learn to control it.
what did you name your husky??
my male is named Akule (ah-koo-lay) sioux name meaning alert baby(silver)
my female is Shumanitutanka - Shumani for short - another native word meaning wolf (red pied)
i started off with one, and was addicted and got another...they are awesome dogs and very intelligent. enjoy yours
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