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I have a female - I got her cheap because she had sores and a respiratory infection. I keep her in about a 30-40 gallon tank (not sure of the exact size, and not really familiar with exact tank dimensions) and I'm thinking about going bigger.
I keep her on dirt, so she burrows. She ignores her hidebox in favour of hiding underneath. She also climbs fairly well, and frequently basks on her log. They like being able to see what's going on, but have a quick retreat. I haven't tamed mine down.

What will they eat? Anything. Animal protein comes from insects and f/t hopper mice (though she will eat smaller, and larger if I cut it up)
I'm sure she'd eat pretty much any protein source that wasn't faster than her

They eat a lot of veggies, so I give mine turtle leftovers. She quite likes fruit, but eats a lot of greens, carrot, squash, etc.

They like it hot and pretty dry, but need a good soaking-sized dish of water.

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