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Congrats on the new puppy! He sounds beautiful!

All of the above mentioned advice is great. Crate training them is very important, and can be both stressful on both parties but is necessary in the long run and ocne they are used to it its no sweat. You never know when dogs may need to be crated, such as vetrinary situations, or even when you go out you don't want to have a loose puppy in your hous, you may come home to not much left! To touch on all of the above mentioned for toilet training, when you are taking your puppy to do his business, use the terms you would if he was trained. Just before you take him you can say something like "Do you have to go outside?" then take him and if there is a designated area (we have a boxed off area) say something like "Go to your box! Go to your box!..." and then as V.hb mentioned, when he does his deed praise him and give him a treat even.
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