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Fan, every single time your puppy naps (you'l find them doing it often) take them out immediatly when it wakes up. After doing it's "business" outside, be sure to praise him emmencly for what he did. even offer a treat. This way you reward him for doing something good. When you catch him pooping in the house be sure to scold him. Do not hit the animal!!! (not that you would, but some people do..) Give a firm NO! and take him outside to resume his business.

Huskys have incredibly weak digestive tracts so make sure you feed it a less harsh meal.. Lamb and Rice is usually used for huskys as it is far easier on their digestive tracts. it's possible he just can't hold it. You'l probably notice his poop is runny for awhile...... that is if you have him on other foods. Good luck, keep us updated!
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