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Originally posted by The_Omen

Why have 4 animals you don't want to spend the $ on?

Whether the vet bill is 100 or 1000 dollars, YOU now have the moral AND legal obligation to get these animals to a vet, no matter the cost. It is a set of lives at stake, not just cool pets for a quick buck.
To do otherwise is outright neglect and endangerment.

If you don't learn anything here, about the shipping AND the price that happens for the health and well being of your pets, then I highly suggest giving them up and get into a new hobby, something like origami.
I have already taken the snake with the prolapse to the vet, i payed for it with my money, I understand that it had to be taken there and i have already doen that. What i was meaning is that i believe he should send me a refund for the vet bill for these snakes since they wree susposed to be in perfect health.....
Thanks, Austin

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