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I got a story for you on wc reptiles. or Farm raised...

Let's say we were to order 1000 or even 3000 leopard geckos. Do you think the place where you order them will go out for days and collect the 1000 of them?
They farm raise them. And they always have specials when you buy 1000 they are 6$ or buy 30000 and you pay them 2$....
So what they do is gas them a little. The leopard geckos fall in a beauty sleep (if we can call it that) and they just pick them up and put them in a shipment box. They ship those containers to us and when we open them up, they are dehidrated and sometimes many are dead.... It's not all their fault,. but the gazing does kill a number of them. And the airlines have a bog role in it. sometimes your package will spend days out in a warehouse which can be too hot or too cold for your herps.

Anyhow, all this to say I never tought they would gas reptiles in order to get large numbers.
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