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It's ok, I know what you meant by it, it's just sometimes when we say a medication name, people will go to the vet and ask for it and never realise it could be a medicine that wouln't treat the infections.
The vet I got the wrong medication from heard of baytril working for reptiles and would prescribe it for almost anything from mbd (which is quite far fetched if you ask me) to ulceres.
I agree for the raising temp thing. It's not to rise it higher than optimal temps. It's not often we can give optimal temps for our reptiles in fact, it's practically impossible to control the climat of a reptile at an optimal temp for a long period of time.
I know of someone who cooked his fat tail (he was breathing with it's mouth open (we almost all think right away of a respitory infection). So someone told him to rise the temp and remove the water bowl since fat tails don't drink water.... Anyhow, the thing dired out in a day or so.
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