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ATTENTION: Terrible Transaction

I have read the TOS regarding this forum and understand the general layout. However, since I have recently had a bad transaction with an individual who is selling animals through, I felt it incumbent upon me to offer his/her name to any interested parties (through e-mail).
Just a brief bit of background info: the animals in question were sold to me as 1.1 and were later probed to be 0.2 (first dishonesty). Next, the seller claimed that they were vet checked and in "A-1 health", however, a trip to the vets revealed snake mites (revealed in an external examination) and pinworms (found in a fecal float).
So, I would strongly discourage purchasing from this individual (whom, as mentioned, is currently posting animals for sale in the classifieds).
Feel free to send me an e-mail so that you can prevent this scenario in your collection.
Thank you.
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