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If you want to train him using the crate method, your "crate" has to be just slightly larger than the dog. Too much space and the training is completely moot, ESPECIALLY in house training! A dog will usually not pee or poo when in a small area, they don't want to be stuck too close to it so that's what helps them teach them to hold it.

As for bringing him outside to pee and poo, it will be frustrating as you've already noticed!!! Understand one thing, do not go back inside with your puppy until he does something outside at key times (after meals, waking up, bedtime). If you give up too quick, he'll wait and do it inside!!! The first few days are the hardest cause your puppy hasn't got a clue of what you expect from him. Once he starts catching on it'll be easier until he reaches his "teen" period

Invest a few dollars in dog training books. Dogs for dummies is actually very good!

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