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i dont know what to do. i dont tihnk it is fair that i am stuck with the vet bills when i recieved the snakes in that condition.
Well, it seems like BOTH of you leave a lot to be desired on shipping methods..
2 day is not the way to go with animals period.
2 days of cooking temps, down to cooler temps at night, in a truck or in a warehouse, I for one am suprised they made it as far as they have.

I would decline his offer of shipping replacements as they may well end up in the same or worse condition.
Why have 4 animals you don't want to spend the $ on?

Whether the vet bill is 100 or 1000 dollars, YOU now have the moral AND legal obligation to get these animals to a vet, no matter the cost. It is a set of lives at stake, not just cool pets for a quick buck.
To do otherwise is outright neglect and endangerment.

If you don't learn anything here, about the shipping AND the price that happens for the health and well being of your pets, then I highly suggest giving them up and get into a new hobby, something like origami.
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