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here is what i traded for for these snakes----
i traded 7 eastern boxies fro 1.1 cali kings, 1.2 florida kings,adn 1.0 surinmame boa. we both shipped the same day, he shipped the snakes to me 2 day ups. when i got them they had regurgetated in their bags badly. it stunk terribly. i put them all in rubbermaids and noticed as i was getting the florida king snake male that his hemipenis was out and loked swollen and infected. I imediatley notified him(the guy i got them from) and then posted on here from help. I couldnt stand the smel so i gave all of the snakes a warm bath and i got rid of their smell.( i didnt bathe the one with the prolapse. Now the smellw as gone from the snakes. then as i was holding one of them right after bathing it(it was aacting so nice) it jusdt clamped down on my arm out of no where. which confused me, the only thing i could figure that it was stresed from shipping then the rugurge then the bath. So i put it in it's cage while it was continually striking at me and rattling it's tail. then i heard it sneeze. i didnt think much of it tho. later then evening i heard it sneeze again except this time i saw some snot beside it's head. next day i posted that here. I then ogt a reply form the guy. he said that he was not willing to pay a 100 dollars vet bil for a snake only worth 70 dollars. he said instead he would just shiop me a pair of babies to replace him( so i was assuming he just wants me to let him die!) i havent gotten a response about the ri form him yet....... i dont know what to do. i dont tihnk it is fair that i am stuck with the vet bills when i recieved the snakes in that condition.
Thanks, Austin

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