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About 20 MIn after he woke up.. He pooed alittle......I yelled at hom.....Then about 1h i fed him...(i neard somewhere that dogs got do there ting after 20min from i fed him took him outside rightway.......walked him for 30 min then sat down on a near by bench for 15....the it started raining so went back home......5 min later he Took a Sh*t!!!!!!!!!!!!! I yelled at him agin n took him outside for 20 waith for him to pee...No luck I brought him back inside 5 min l8er...THeres pee on my carpet1!1

So hers my plan......
feed him in the morning take him out for 30min
bring him back in/
after 2h take him out for 10-15min
bring him back in
after 2h feed him bring him outside for 20-30min
bring him back inside
after 3h take him out for 15-20min
then after 3h feed him take him back out for 30min
bring him in..

Then b4 he goes to sleep take him out for a quick midnight walk.

OH well....It worth it.........

any more i deas...besides crate training???....I was thinking of making him like a little corner 8 long by 5 feet wide...outta left over melamine.......n just make a hinged door...(no top) lol...its not a herp.!-----( to use it as a crate)..n put some newpaper in 1 case he has a 1min emergency......

ill put him in the corner verytime he want a nap...or when hes bad....

any 1 know how often i should bath him * I am a clean FEAK

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