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It was a two-hour trip (maybe a little more), so I'm not sure if that falls into the category of being shipped or just taking her home.

Because she was such a small snake, she was more prone to becoming dehydrated or overheated. Also, she had ingested quite a lot: two pinkie mice. And up they came. That can't have been good. And if dehydration was the culprit, that very well could have been the fatal blow.

I tried to get her to take some water as soon as I got home, but she would only swallow one small drop. I misted the enclosure, hoping if she couldn't find the water dish, she could at least drink droplets.

I'm still not sure exactly what happened, but I'm not very happy about it. I am not in the mood for a fight, so I will just let this go, monetarily speaking.

I am more upset about the death of a living creature, no matter who was at fault.

Hiya Smaug.
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