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Start by teaching your puppy to go outside right away. If you get him used to going on newspaper, you'll have to get him to switch later on and husky pees and poops get big fast!!!

The trick to house training is like Brandon says, you have to bring your puppy outside VERY often! Especially at certain "key" times: when you get up, after eating, anytime it's been 1 to 2 hours. Bring some treats with you so when he goes outside you can give him one. Also and most importantly, you praise your puppy lots when he goes in the right place.

Only "scold" your puppy if you catch him doing his business inside, if you find it later then don't bother as the dog will have no clue why you're upset.

Proper training when young is very important, especially with a larger breed like a husky. I strongly suggest you look up some puppy training internet sites or get a good book or two.

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