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IM so happy!


I just got a new puppy!!!!

a purebread HUSKY!!!

hes soo cute!!!...hes red and white!---Blue/green eyes!!

Hes a trouble maker i tell ya!!!.....

any one have any ideas on how to housetrain it??--it is my first dog!! already took 3 pees n 2 sh*ts in the house out of that 3 pees 2 was on my carpet!!!!!
im taking out my carpet 2day.....he is about 70% paper trained..
How do i get him to go or bark or something when he needs to go..I dont want to crate him....It sounds crule...N He'll go crazy!!!--any advice PPL!!!!

He hates the leash...But i can tell hes already getting used to it...

I'll try to get my hands on a digital camera!!..ASAP!

advice would help me out alot!
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