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Sarge is a tad overweight. He's German, we are German - feed everybody good.

As was said, Sarge comes from a line of large Great Danes that were used for hunting wild boar. He is much different than most Great Danes in North America.

Just got word from Guiness that there is a Great Dane still living that is 41'' at the whithers. It is 10 years old, which is old for a Great Dane, so they are going to let me know when it dies, so we can enter Sarge.

I believe that Sarge has the largest head of any dog that ever lived, and he is also responds to the name "meat head" "slobber hound" and "god damnit, get off the couch".

As far as the Old Roy dog food. It is "rat food" quality dog food. We use it to help fill up his stomach while he eats some good quality mixed food.

I used to buy the $50 bags, but whe he was growing, he'd eat a bag a week.

As an adult, Old Roy seems to treat Sarge very well. Even though it probably contains a large amount of cats, Sarge likes cats - and doesn' associate them with food.

When we get back home, I will compile Sarges pictures and put them on a page on

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