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Herps & a Holiday

Hi Folks

I have an opportunity to take a holiday with my family near the end of August for 6 days. I am not sure what to do about my Lizards and Monitors, I’m sure the snakes will be fine.

The creatures in question are the..

0.1 Albig.
1.0 Peachthroat
1.3 Leos and 1.0 Cham.
As well as the leo eggs cooking, tropical fish and budgies.

As I just recently moved to Newmarket all my usual “Holiday crew” is not available.

Any suggestions?, If I load them up with food before I leave I still believe it is too long, eventhough all the lights are on timmers.

I think the biggest problem is the Cham with the misting.

Any Herp sitters out there??

Thanks in advance for your suggestions
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