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I will take a moment to quote myself

Originally posted by Linds
Why would you want to deprive an animal of something that it would thrive on if you have the opportunity to provide it with such? These animals are basking lizards, they were born to be in the sun. I'm willing to bet your guy just perked right up and was feeling a lot better than he was after catching some vitamins and whatnot from the natural sun. People need to stop caring for their animals in ways that benefit their personal preferences rather than their animals needs. SUnlight is one of the most natural things a monitor, or any basking lizard can benefit from. I keep my iguana outside in the summer, and I believe this is the reason she is still kicking at 19 years of age. She becomes a lot more active and full of beans, and it is because she is getting her needs met to the max, doesn't matter how many UV bulbs and supplements you give your animals, nothing can compare to that of natural sunlight, and the results show, as you have experienced with yours! Apologies if this post has come across harshly... tone gets lost in type... it was truly not my intent
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