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Hmm..... the best way I have seen to get rid of a smell on a snake, is to wait till it sheds.

The odor is absorbed by the older layers of skin and it may take a few shed cycles to get rid of it completely.

Please don't spray them with any air fresheners or FeBreeze...

BUT, you can spray the febreeze on the floor and in the air of the room until the shedding cycles have eliminated the odor.

Now, as for the snake, yes, let it chill out for a week at minimum before handling and especially give it time before feeding. It needs time to build up its stomach flora, especially since it regurged AND drank soapy water.
For now though, just use a wet (warm) wash cloth and wipe any remaining stomache fluids of before it develops problems from that.

Would these snakes have any relation to the trade/deal etc earlier this week, where yours were delivered to the other person, dead?

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