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I have been bitten more times then I can count. Most colubrid bites are not that painful and clear up within 3 days. Some bites can be horrific. I have not been tagged by a venomous snake as of yet, but I have many friends who have. My worst bite to date came from a 17 burm. He swallowed my right hand and tried to pull me into the cage with him. Very painful and quite bloody. Below is an example of a western diamond back bite. Enjoy! =)
__________________ 2.2 Crotalus adamanteus. 2.2 Crotalus h. atricaudatus. 2.2 Crotalus h. horridus. 1.1 Agkistrodon p. piscivorus. 1.1 Agkistrodon c. contortrix. 1.1 Agkistrodon c. mokasen. 1.1 Agkistrodon c. laticinctus. 1.1 Agkistrodon c. pictigaster. Agkistrodon c. phaeogaster. 1.2 Sistrurus miliarius barbouri. 1.1 Micrurus fulvius. 0.0.1 Micrurus fulvius tenere
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