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Het for R*tarded

I got some questions about possible hets. What the heck are they? How could something be pissible het??? Makes no sense, you should know if something is a het or not. But even if it's "possible" why would someone pay extra money for it? You could be paying 150$ more bucks for something that isn't what you're hoping for. then you got screwed over on a normal. So why would anyone buy one? Seems really ********. And then if it's "possible" anyone can sell a normal of as possible het for piebald or something. Not because they know its relatives are piebalds, but because in reality, it is remotely possible that it just may be het. However far out that it. So anyone could just make it up knowing that their just making it up, and be right in doing so. This all makes no sense, can someone explain?
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