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Here's some quote that let you know they are clueless lying newbies.

Burmese Pythons can reach a length of 27 feet but average about 18 to 20 feet.

Malachi's other morphs include:

Arrow Head
Racoon Eyes
"Crazy Face"
Lady's Face
Man's Face
Double-headed Arrow
2 Skulls
Roman Numeral "II"

Breeding Service Fees:

I would be willing to pay $100 - $ 300

I would be willing to pay $300 - $ 600

I would be willing to pay $600 - $ 800

I would be willing to pay $800 - $ 1000

I would be willing to pay more than $1000 if required

have been offered near $80,000 for Malachi, consider what his offspring might potentially be worth.

However, given his uniqueness, we are seriously considering the hundreds of inquiries we have received requesting Malachi's availability for "stud" service. While there may be many "captive breeders" of albino burmese pythons, offering the resulting offspring for sale, we know of no other "mating service" offering the opportunity for a female of the species to mate with a python like Malachi in anticipation of producing offspring with similar distinctive markings. That could very well be because there are no other male albino burmese pythons as unique or as valuable as Malachi.
They feed live also, idiots. Apparently they don't know much because I'm sure this almight word phase isn't gentic. Total frikkin idiots, it drives me nuts.
Plus they probably think it's all true. Considering they say there is no other burmese python as valuable as malachi.
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