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Amazing My Butt

Wow they must own a really special burm. Yeah right! They claim they were offered 80,000 bucks for it, yeah right! Odds are it was some kid messing with them, I'm sure. If I knew better I'd say it was all a joke. This one burm is sought after my tons of people? Eeven by big breeders? I see only one word on it's body, "LOL". I really think this is just some newbie with a norm who made a BS site to try and make cash. They make it seem as tho this is the top morph, and everyone wants him. I bet my house that if everyone went and checked their snakes you too could own an "amazing text morph". Oh, wait, my bp has a phallic image on his body, every breeder wants him cause he's really valuable, anyone wanna pay 50,000 for him? My god, seriously, everyone go look at their snakes and see.

Now this brings me to my next point. People always trying to pull off something normal as special. Like with bp's everyone is saying their ball is a morph. Like the blushing ball, yeah right, total bs. I could understand someone saying a black back, stiped, or a reduced pattern in a morph. But enough with this high gold crap. It's every where. They're like the ricers of the snake world. Trying to hype something up into what it's not. And everyone knows their idiots.
I'm sending an e-mail to this idiot to tell him what I think. You all should too, just to let him know we all realize he is an idiot.
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