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Well the fish and reptile department are the same. And they wanted a fish expert because reptiles aparently "weren't a priority", she got my resume and asked me what I know about fish. I told her I knew the basics of setting up a tank and knew like angelfish, bettas, all the feeders, etc. Really not much.

So she told me I have my secondary interview and this job position will be given to the person who shows that they were willing to learn as much as possible in the time they were given....I um *coughs* Memorized their entire wall of fish. Fish first aid and the zones they have them divided in. I may not know much about fish still, but I'm being trained right now for that.

So pretty much, I needed to show a willingness to take that extra step and learn. And I did that. But it was DAMN hard. lol

And as for the reptiles, they all know me as the "snake lady" anyways because I was usually in there like every week buying snake stuff or oggling the new snakes. lol

"A rattlesnake that doesn't bite teaches you nothing."
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