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Well for the people that wanted to know how i accedently tear the piece of skin off here it goes. I have a half log, that is on 2 pieces of small long wood . About the as long as the wood. I dont know why they are there, but thats how I bought the enclosure, and seem to be a good idea because it makes the log taller. Well While my bp was eating, i think he was moving closer to its substrate (which i heard it may make him sick if eaten) Although I had put a piece of cardboard on top of the subt. it didnt cover all the way to the corners. I wanted to move him inwards to the cardboard but Because i was scared it would bite me, i got the piece of long squareed wood, and tried to move Roca in. I accedently pushed him with the edge of the wood, and it made a little tear. well i was really upset, but i dont think he was becuase he was eating. Well now because of me trying to move the snake closer to the piece of cardboard, he has a little scar (--- <--about that size) Well thanks for the help, and there was MY STUPID LITTLE STORY.

P.S. Is it allright if i ude a hydrogen peroxide solution???
Alex (Ball python)
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