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I have a ball, For me it was the perfect begginer snake. She ate the first day I got her and have not refused a meal since. I am hoping that the new BP baby that I'm getting this week will be the same. As for care, thoughrly (sp?) clean out the cage 1-3 times a month and your fine. Imediatly clean out the soiled area when they do deficate (sp?). I feed my BP 1 time a week with a F/T juvinile rat, usually in the middle of the week. I give her a heavy mist atleast 2 times a day, upping it to 4-6 times a day when she gets ready to shed. She usually sheds really good. So all in all it takes maybe about 8 hours of care. Thats just cleaning and feeding. Then the handling comes into play and thats as much as you want (as long as its not right after feeding her/him) And they are great to just sit with, although mine is usually pretty active , not just sitting there. She also tends to get active around 1 in the morning. Coming out of her hide and exploring her cage.

Happy Herping! Get what you love and you can't go wrong! (as long as you do your research!)
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