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well I will say this I am not sure if it may mean any thing to you but I will try to give you a hand.

I am gone go out on the limb here but yougot the BP not to long ago right? ( and did it come from a pet store).

I only ask cause a Bp that was malnourished witch results in chronic starvation. (And we all know that we can't put that past the pet store these days.)

The Skin will thin out in consiquence the skin will tear verry easaly.

If this is not the case you would have had to sharpen your pice of wood and hit it rather hard cause a ball is not that easy to hurt.

as for now just go to the vet and ask for methen bleu. It works wonders you put it on once or twice a week and replace it every time it sheds and you will see in like 2 monts it will be a picture perfect snake.

Be carfule it has the same effect as pen ink get that on your good close and you are scrued and not get it on any white tiels (kitchen floor).
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