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man, that reminds me of when i was on watching COPS on t.v this cop got a call that there was a 15 foot snake in there front yard. and i was thinking OHHHHHH NOOOOOO i have seen COPS befor and they usaly just kill the snake right off the bat no matter what kind of snake it is!!! so i was like NOOOOO well anyway the police officer knew what he was doing. he said that him and his kids would go out and play with the snakes that would show up in there yard. so anyway it ended up to be i big reticulated python and the officer get a big dog carrer and just picked up the python (the retic was tame) and just put it in the dog carrer. i was so releved that is wasent one of those dumb *** officers who would of just killed it with there glock or something. well anyway just thought i would share
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