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Zombies.....Cro-magnum man......Fossils

Wow, look at this outpouring of debate.
Who KNEW it would cause all this.


We have so many anthroplogists and paleontologists here, it makes me wonder if im in the wrong forum. Is this the "I know everything about pre-mezozic man forum?" Laughing out loud!!

For those of you that believe in the Bible and in Jesus, well..all I can say is I tried. I feel like the guy on the movie "The Night of the living dead" who is trying to fend off the horde of DEAd zombies that want his brains. he shoots them in the body with a shotgun, but they keep on comeing, and comeiong and comeing..LOL

Time to climb up a tree(Zombies cant climb trees)

*If I have offended anyone here I apologize, but i am one opinionated s.o.b. and usually speak my mind,i expect you to speak yours, and you have!! congrats all, canadians rock!

(Aztec Reptiles)
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