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Talking Evil Pet Store UPDATE

Do you guys remember that evil nasty pet store I complained about? Well, I got them to change their poor care in their reptile section. How? I GOT HIRED!

I had an amazing day! I started my first day of work from 9:00am to 5:00pm. And it was wonderful! I got there and Aaron (head of fish) showed me what to do during openning. Adding fish to tanks, taking out dead fish, etc. So then Aaron asked me if I would want to work in reptiles for a day, knowing full well that even though I was hired on as a fish department worker, that I love reptiles.

So I spent my entire day cleaning out cham cages, snakes cages, monitors cages, gecko cages, etc. He also gave me free reign on correcting any accessories, health issues, etc. I had SUCH a superb time! I redecorated the Ball Python enclosure with a larger waterbowl and that python seemed SO MUCH more content. Soaked himself and spent the entire time exploring his cage and hunting. I gave that ******* of a Carpet Python a hide (he constantly was snapping at me too, but yet I remain miraculously bite free hahaha). I fed all the corn snakes. Aaron asked me to try and get one in particular to eat, but it wouldn't. So tomorrow we're putting him in a seperate tank. FYI, These baby corns are all related.

I also got to sell some stuff. I sold 2 dozen small feeder fish. 2 dozen large feeder fish. An algae eater. Some neon tetras and a tokay gecko, a SH** load of crickets and mealies. Oh yeah, and two mice!

Anyways, I spent alot of time in the back with the reptiles. Making sure each and everyone was content. I fell in love with the nile monitors *swoons* But the Baby Ball Python is definately my favourite. I got it out of the reminance of a rough shed. Made sure all the reptiles had enough humidity and misted them. Generally I'd say I did a damn good job with them for my first day.

So work was just utterly amazing. Tomorrow I'll probably have to stick to fish since the reptiles are all taken care of now! *pouts* I have a monitor cage to clean and a cornsnake to get into a seperate tank, but that won't take 8 hours!

So needless to say, I'm SO happy I put the effort into learning as much as I could in four days about fish. Because as long as there are TWO people in the fish and reptile department, I'm the head reptile girl. I still have alot to learn about the fish though...but I will.

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