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Well it has been a little over a week since a terrible accident at my house.I came home to find my roomate a little distraght.He went on to explain to me that his buddy was over for a visit.This guy had also brought his dog with him.
Well at some point during the evening his buddy asked to see the snakes so my roomate showed him.When they left the snake room they did not close the door to snake room all the way.Well a little later the dog went downstairs pushed open the door,once inside the dog ended up knocking over a bunch of rubbermaids etc.Well the dog ended up killing off 2 boas 2 corns 3 kings,as well as a few injured.
This was a little much to take in at once.My roomate has since paid all vet bills and his buddy(who i don't trust at all) has said that he will pay for the snakes as well.Like I said it has now been a week and still no money from the buddy.
Well that is it for my venting.
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