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Funny Story, LOL

Ok here's how it happened, I'm building my 3 foot male ball python this new cage. It's a 5x2x2 and I put all the stuff in to see how it would look. All it needs now is two lights and the sliding glass. See the cage here. So after I got the cage decor all in place I took Monty out of his 20 gallon and put him inside to see how he'd like it. He cruised around for five minutes scoping it out and playing on the hides. I took him out to go put him in his 20 gallon when he stuck his head out out a foot and gave me a kiss on the lips. I laughed so hard. I know he probly didn't mean it like that, he was just slithering to my face, but it was like he was givin me a kiss in thanks for the cage. It was so cute the way he did it, he was flicking his tongue so I think he was trying to french me. It was so funny, once in a lifetime.

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