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$200 is much better, it opens you up to a lot more. Rosy boas are awesome little snakes (2'-3') that are super easy to care for, slowmoving, tolerant of handling, docile animals. The price depends on their locality, cheapest starting at around $125 for mexicans. Childrens and Spotted Pythons also fit that range and are easy to care for and handle. They look similar to eachother, but are different subspecies, although often Spotted's have been sold as Childrens. Milksnakes are easy to care for, but although they don't really bite much, they are very flighty and musky. Most ratsnakes are relatively easy to care for, though again, some can tend to be rather flighty, some subspecies moreso than others. Colombian Rainbow boas and Brazilians can be great pets as well, provided you can meet their lower temp/high humidity requirements. Brazilians are probably the closest thing to a guaranteed "tame" (i hate that word!) snake. Babies can be nippy but calm down in no time and stay that way, whether or not you continue to handle them. They eat like crazy and are absoltuely stunning. They are more active than most boids while handled, but nonethless very handleable. Bloods are NOT a beginner snake at all. They have exacting requirements that can be difficult to meet for the novice snakekeeper, as well as they can be diffiult to handle due to their size. They are not a small snake. They can exceeed 40 lb for the really big ones. They are also very hissy and sensitive temperament-wise. Gloves should be avoided with snakes. The snake can hook a tooh and get snagged and whatnot on them. Safe for you, unsafe for the snake. Good luck with your decision
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