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Well, I guess I should start with how sorry I am that you've lost such a good friend. It's never easy. I sometimes think it would be easier if the decision could be made for us. Tim and I lost our buddy 'Daz" a beautiful Rottweiler, to cancer. By the time the symptoms showed up he had no chance to make a recovery. He had bone cancer, and he couldn't eat, which he LOVED to do! The vet insisted that we do more tests even after we decided to end his pain. Turned out he just suffered even more. I don't think I can look at the vet the same way again. I know that's not fair, and I know how much it hurt the vet to know that there was likely no cure, but still.......I hope that you and Katey can one day find another special puppy to be your best friend. Lexx sure was cute, he has a very mischeivious look in his eyes Take care, and eat as much ice-cream as is needed.
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