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The $100 price range is very limiting on what you can get. Pretty well all boids, except for some ball pythons as well as kenyan sand boas, fetch a higher price than that. I wouldn't recommend a ball python ($100+) for a first snake as their fussy feeding behaviour and timid nature can prove very frustrating for a first timer. They don't tolerate handling very well due to their stressful nature... people often mistake the curled up and still act as being relaxed and friednly when in fact that is their main defense. Kenyans ($60) can make wonderful starter snakes, providing you get one that is already feeding well. They are fairly tolerant of handling, as well as they have very simple husbandry. Just keep them dry as possible, offer them water once every couple weeks. They finish up 1.5'-3'. Corns and kings also fit the price and finish in the 4'-6' range, however they are very slender-bodied animals so it doesn't seem near that large. They are relatively easy to care for as well. Kings can get a bit musky when handled. Corns are variable in temperament, but otherwise easy to handle. Kings/corns being colubrids are much more active than the forementioned. You could also opt for garters, however they have different diet and need a variety to balance it out, and can be quite skittish. Good luck with your decision

Originally posted by LORI34205
are there any boas known to be tame ???
tame as in wouldnt resort to strangling you to death if handled often and tooken care of well
No snakes are "tame". They jsut tolerate handling to one degree or another. No snake will ever constrict as a defense either, they only constrict their food. Many boas fit the suit of docile however.

I almost forgot as well. Colombian BCI start at around $100 for babies and are relatively easy to care for and can become quite docile. They usually finish up 5-8 feet, males being smaller.
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