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Originally posted by SCReptiles
As a citizen of the south eastern United States I take offense to your joke and demand the website censors immediately delete these insensitive comments.
Well... technically she made no mention of the southern states nor did she mention your name.

This is how I will derive a formula for this one...

Seeing as it was a general joke with no mention of anything, and you decided to associate it with yourself... I deduce that you insulted yourself therefore you owe yourself an apology.

Now go to the "picture" on your wall (better known as a mirror in these parts) and repeat after me... "I will never insult myself again because I am good enough, smart enough and dog gonnit people like me"

Now close your eyes, take a deep breath and say "The next time I feel like getting offended at an innocent joke or anything else that has absolutely nothing to do with me, I will run with scissors"

Ahhh... doesn't that feel better?
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