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Corn Wins!!!

ok well I tallied the comments and left out ones that didn't get a one way or other vote. Some I counted as 2 because the person like both. So after going through I have 11 votes for corns and 7 votes for ball. After reading the comments I think I will get the corn first and the ball later on, maybe at the Oct expo here. I do like the look of a ball better but I want a snake I can handle everyday if I want or can leave it alone for a few days if I have a really busy schedule. The weird feeding habits of a ball doesn't really seem that bad to me now that I know they do it just cuz they feel like it. The reason I am choosing the corn is that I won't have to worry about the feeding issues as much right away and the corns seem like they have a lot less cons to them. I want to progress in the world of snakes rather than getting the harder keeper then going down to an easier one. Baby steps are easier than jumps and there is a lot less chance of failure. So in other words I think the "virtually unkillable" corn snake would be better than the shy BP as a first snake.

Thanks for your help!

One more question... Does anyone know a good corn breeder in the southwest chicago area? I plan on getting a corn from kathy love at the Oct expo but i don't think I can wait that long to get my first.
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