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This is just too entertaining ..

As for the humna Hybridyzation.. THere was two DIFERENT species of humans living at once and IT was Possible .. this is not proven, that there could of even been up to 5!!! Different species of human living all at one time... Again not for a long time It can't be proven but one things for sure, We are the only specie of humans living right now but it has not alwasy been that way. Thereforethe possibility of a hybrid human is great.

As for religion .. we all come from 2 ppl .. Sorry to say, I have no religion and every single thing i have ever leaned, I haved debated and research to prove validaty .. We could possibly come from two ppl but, they diud not just appear.

The most likely situation is that they were hybrid(s) made from two diferent species creating a FERTILE infant wich eventually started up our own race. So in my oppinion, we all all hybrids and so is every single other animal.

I personally choose not to support hybridization in captivity but if ppl want them, they will be created. I perefer pure animals.. (even though there is no such thing..

And also I had a carpet python that was a cross from an Irian Java and a Coastal that i had rescue from a previous ower .. He was my favorite of favorite snke .. and also my only one tht was crossed within localities..

Just my thoughts..

Again sorry to go against some ppl's belief but it is a discussion and we have a right to our say.

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