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Ball Pythons, though a strong snake, are not a large nor heavy animal. They weigh a few pounds and are usually between 3-4.5 feet in adult length. Most corns are longer than balls do. Both are considered small snakes. If you are looking for something that tolerates handling, I would suggest going with the corn. Balls get stressed very easy and do not tolerate excessive handling very well. Alicewaves suggestion of a rosy boa is also a great one. They are amongst some of my favourite snakes. They come in all sorts of colours and patterns and are super easy to care for, as well as they tolerate handling very well. They are in my opinion, the best starter snake. Corns are quite active (as with any colubrid), rosies however are relatively slow-moving animals for the most part. Good luck with your decision

Originally posted by marisa
Con- Yes Balls can be picky feeders BUT you can eliminate this con by simply purchasing only CB pythons from good breeders.
Hmmmmm... I think someone forgot to tell my CBB male that... he hasn't eaten in 9 My females miss a meal from time to time and go on their fasts as well. My yearling female is also a CBB girl Both of the CBB were from very reputable sources.
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