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Beth, I saw your first post on Keigan. I couldn't type through my tears, had no words anyway. I'm elated to hear about Rogue's progress. Your new pup is gorgeous; looks just like my one-year-old Scrappy ! Hope the perps are caught. I'm going to share a local news story with you that has given me some hope :
I heard this on my radio a couple days ago while working. It happened in Dartmouth,N.S. Two teenage boys between the age of 14 & 17 thought it would be cool to 'hang' a cat from a tree. A 13 year-old boy saw them but couldn't stop them. As soon as they left he ran to the tree & climbed up. with his pocket knife he cut the rope & pulled in the cat. He revived it with "mouth to snout". Then he called 911. He gave the police all the info & made sure the cat saw a vet. The police caught the two boys & they spent the night in jail. The next day they were released to their parents custody pending trial as charges are being pressed for cruelty & what-not. The cat is a-ok.
Hugs & luck, Darlene.
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