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I got my first snake this year after a great deal of research. I now have 3 corns & more on the way. My girls are tremendous eaters & super easy keepers. They look to come out every afternoon. My kids (a 3 year old & 5 year old) sit with them on the couch. We take turns handling them. They do move around a lot but not fast & do sometimes stay still. Neither myself or the kids have a problem handling them. They are very friendly snakes & I'm extremely glad I started with them. The anery loves to lay across my shoulders & the littlest one (a motley normal) likes to curl up on my lap). However I must admit , they have given me such a love of snakes that I'm after a western hognose this year & a bp(ball python) & bc(boa constrictor) within the next couple of years!!
My best advice is to research thoroughly, pick what mostly impresses you & then prepare for more !!!
Good luck with the newbie you pick.
P.S. Remember to browse the forums here on the different species, too.
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